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The Witch Hunter General
The Death Stone Coven

Victor Cain was a hero of the Crusades before being awarded the rank of Inquisitor General by King Richard the Lionheart. Adored by all his cohorts, and feared by all he hunted, Victor never could have imagined his new assignment as Witch Hunter General would lead him down the path to his own pain, misery, betrayal, and death. Manipulated by one of his closest friends into sentencing his own wife to burn at the stake for practicing witchcraft, Victor is plagued by guilt, heartache, and rage. But when he finds out the truth, he hunts down the man responsible and makes him pay in-kind. In a battle to the death, they both lose, and Victor is going to die unless drastic measures are taken by a kindly stranger.
Almost two thousand years later, Victor Cain is now the very thing he hunts and hates the most: a half human-half witch. Cursed with immortality, Victor has dedicated his long life to eradicating all dark witches by any means necessary, and for Victor, the ends always justify the means. But as dark powers loom, Victor, with his powers, magic sword, and his team - a young light witch with a dark past, a quick-draw with a silver tongue, and a retired Arbitrator with a guilty conscience - must summon all of his strength to face his past and bring justice for one of his own.

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